At Trifecta Coaching we believe everyone deserves a coach. Our reasonable rates for coaching are structured to provide access to high potential clients who desire forward movement in their work, home, and social lives.

Achieving a personal “Trifecta” (win-win-win) is not as elusive as you may think. When partnering with a Trifecta Coaching coach, you can win in your personal life, in your professional relationships and projects at work, and with your social contacts in the community.

We believe in the “power of three” and focus on coaching process on this concept. If you think about it, three is such a common organizational number. It seems to be easier to remember and manage most tasks and lists in threes. We continue to be amazed at the natural structuring of our world around threes. Examples include: the biblical Trinity; the inalienable rights in the Declaration of Independence; Military squad, platoon, company, battalion, and regimental structure; many well-known stories and songs such as the three blind mice and the three little pigs. Generally, most people can do three things really well.

Certainly they have more than three things going on in their lives, but the key is to determine what the three most important areas are and focus on those each day. At Trifecta Coaching we will help you identify the top three things you want to focus on and take to the next level. At the same time we will help you with strategies to manage all the other areas in your life that tend to nibble away at your focus items. A complimentary 30 minute coaching introductory session is offered to any potential client. Send your information through our Contact page for your complimentary session.

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